Our way of being Radioterapia al naturale “Contus de forredda”

George Pitzalis In the magic of our world that are enclosed in our experiences of life, burden on those experiences that we have forged. Beyond all this there is the desire to discover and be discovered. No matter if you knew the right way, in the magic of who you listen to everything you asked for that desire to give an answer, but to and if bubbling inside convinced to cook the dish in the best way. In the philosophy of the individual, comprising: water, container, fire to boil it in half, because this is his will. Of course you can also ask otherwise. I’ll buy a container full of water to extinguish the fire within you. Depends what you want from this philosophy of your life! Ensure that the water that goes into the pot boiling, or turn off the fire that is lit in front of you by creating you a bit ‘of conflict, the desire to overpower the other person. Very often it is easier to say: “But look what you’ve got it wrong”

Il cirquitto della mente

We can’t predict the future, but we can do our best to prepare for it. And in the face of an inevitable economic transition, preparation has to start now.

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